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Jaimie Ricketts

Jaimie began training in 1996 at her local Winsford club in
Cheshire. After being inspired by Russ Williams, began traveling 4 times a week to North Wales for training. 
Took over the Deeside club from Neil Parry the former British Champion.
Proved herself as an instructor by increasing the class numbers and taking students to compete successfully in competitions around the UK.
Made a name for herself as being one of the UK’s most gutsy and experienced female fighters. Many fighters her weight refused to fight her so she had to fight opponents from much heavier weight groups to get the ring experience.
Stepped in the ring at just 4 days notice to put up an excellent performance against the Canadian Double World Champion Erin Linley in May 04. Shocked the crowd, who didn’t think she had a chance by putting the Champion under pressure, giving her a very hard fight.
Won British Title in Manchester August 04, and later knocked out her Trinidad opponent in April 05 for the Commonwealth Title.