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Russ Wiliams was the 1st person in Wales to set up a system to grade his students in Thai boxing and Kickboxing. As well as in his own clubs he tours around giving advice to different instructors helping them have good grading systems.
Club gradings are usually held four times a year.

Students that pass are awarded certificates and grading reports to help them to improve for each grade taken. Gradings are not enforced on students. It is up to each individual if they want to take them or not. Below are some photos from past gradings.

Gradings Wrexham 19th March 2017

Gradings 8th March 2015


End of year gradings 2012



Gradings 16th October 2012



Gradings 19th June 2011 & 3rd July 2011

grading june 2011grading july 2011


Gradings at Wrexham 27th February + 13th March 2011


Grading February/March 2010 at Russ Williams Centre in Wrexham, students from Wrexham, Caerwys, Deeside,

Buckley and Ruthin classes


Some of the Buckley & Wrexham students Grading 6/12/09


Grading of students from Wrexham, Caerwys, Deeside and Corwen at Wrexham 12/7/09


Grading 26/4/09 featuring students from Russ Williams Centre's in Wrecsam/Caerwys + students from Kev Williams,

Wil Killow + Danny Williams' classes at Ruthin, Buckley, Bala, Mold Leisure Centres + The Old Pavillion, Corwen.


22nd February 2009 Grading at Wrexham


First Grading at Russ Williams' New Martial Arts Centre in Wrexham, featuring students from Russ Williams'

Thai & Kickboxing Centre in Caerwys and from the Deeside, Buckley, Bala, Corwen + Ruthin Leisure Centres.

(Grading at Holywell Leisure Centre December 06)

Taking Gradings is a good way of

1) seeing progress being made

2) finding out more what needs to be done to improve further

3) having documentation showing the history of what has been achieved in the sport

The Grading goal for advanced students is to have:

1) respect to all living things

2) good temperament

3) good knowledge about the history of the art

4) good knowledge of all strikes

5) good defensive skills

6) the willingness to help weaker or less able students

7) the ability to be able to instruct

(Grading at Criccieth July 07)

(grading at Ruthin Leisure Centre 9/3/08)